Top 10 Appistry Cloud Posts

Appistry blogged about their  top 10 Cloud posts of 2008. There is some interesting topics and information. The original article can be found here and the post summaries are reproduced below:

  1. The Blind Men and the Cloud, by Sam 
    In this post I unveiled the first, if not only, poem about cloud computing. It continues to be a popular one.
  2. Amazon S3 Still Limping & the Limits of Clouds, by Bob 
    Bob gave Amazon his famous “Mad Kitty” for the big S3 outage back in February. Interesting commentary on when we can and cannot count on clouds.
  3. Is Your Code Cloud-Ready and Multi-Core Friendly? (Part 1): Introduction, by Guerry 
    In the first of what proved to be a very popular series, Guerry introduced the five attributes of cloud-ready code.
  4. Is Your Code Cloud-Ready and Multi-Core Friendly? (Part  4): Idempotence, by Guerry 
    Part four of Guerry’s series explores idempotence, which is a powerful software attribute, not a dysfunction.
  5. Parallelism : Is Your Code Cloud-Ready and Multi-Core Friendly? (Part 5), by Guerry 
    Parallel code isn’t just for academics. Guerry explores the relationship between cloud computing, multi-core processors and parallelism in this post.
  6. Is Your Code Cloud-Ready and Multi-Core Friendly? (Part 3): Statelessness, by Guerry 
    Discussions of state and statelessness tend to be fraught with confusion and semantic arguments. Guerry does a great job cutting through the noise in this post and lays out the relationship between statelessness and scalability in the clouds.
  7. Is Your Code Cloud-Ready and Multi-Core Friendly? (Part  2): Atomicity, by Guerry 
    Atomicity is not just for transactions. Here Guerry discusses the role of atomicity in your cloud applications.
  8. Cloud Taxonomy: Applications, Platform, Infrastructure, by Sam 
    In this recent post I discussed the emerging “Cloud Pyramid,” which organizes types of cloud environments into Application, Platform and Infrastructure.
  9. Meltdown 2008, Part 1 – How I Learned to Love Chaos, by Bob 
    Written in the early days of last year’s financial meltdown, this article shared Bob’s perspective as an “entpreneureus serialius.”
  10. You Can’t Draw a Box Around a Cloud, by Guerry 
    In one of my favorite posts Guerry lays out the case for private clouds.
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