Call for Papers on Cloud Computing

The June 2009 issue of Cutter IT journal is on Cloud Computing. In this issue, they will examine cloud computing in terms of strategic approaches, concerns, challenges, compliance requirements, technological options, market opportunities, and the value and impact cloud computing will have in the real world now and in the future.  Details below.


  •  Will cloud computing be another transforming concept and technology that profoundly affects computing as we know it today? Or is it just hype trying to corner a new market?
  • What real value does computing in clouds provide? Why does this new model of computing draw so much interest not only from users and businesses, but also from governments?
  • How is cloud computing currently being used in personal, business and social applications?  What is its real potential? What have we learned so far from our experience with cloud computing? What are the success factors?
  •  What are the key issues and challenges we face in embracing cloud computing and how can we address them?
  • What opportunities do cloud computing present to IT (and non-IT) businesses, IT developers, and individuals, and how can we exploit those opportunities? Can cloud computing give rise to an entirely new set of applications?
  • What are the ongoing developments in this area? What are appropriate IT architectures for cloud computing?
  • How can the performance of an application that runs on a cloud be monitored or improved?
  • What cloud computing development strategy would you follow? How can you test and evaluate a cloud computing application before deployment?
  • Is cloud computing viable for enterprise applications? At what cost? How compelling are the economics of centralized computing utilities compared to a well run enterprise data center?
  • What types of clouds — application platforms or frameworks — will prove popular in a marketplace?
  • How dominant will “private clouds” (behind the firewall) become within an enterprise, and for which sort of enterprises and for what sort of applications?
  • Given that enterprises as well as individuals demand guaranteed quality of service, higher reliability, and continued availability, how dependable is a cloud application?
  • Do we trust the clouds? What if a cloud crashes or hackers take it down? Or, what if a cloud vendor goes bankrupt and closes its cloud offerings without notice?
  • How will regulatory rules evolve and compliance requirements be met with cloud computing?
  • What level of service should we demand — and expect — from cloud computing vendors? How do we set SLAs for cloud computing applications?
  • How do we charge for the services offered? What are the billing models? Which model is best suited for a given application?
  • Cloud computing as new paradigm calls for a new style of IT management. How could enterprises manage their cloud computing applications? What are the implications for enterprise departments and IT staff? What are the best practices for moving our current applications to a cloud?
  • How will cloud computing shape the future of IT, the IT industry, business, and society?


They seek articles for this issue; abstract due by 6 March 2009. Details at:

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