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EyesOS is a beautiful OpenSource operating system. When eyeOS first started, the  eyeOS team explained their product  as a “Web Desktop“. It eventually changed to “Web Operating System” in late 2006. It is now being more closely associated with Cloud Computing, blurring the lines between a cloud application and a cloud platform. It caters for everything you would expect from an OS, email, web browser, office etc as well as offering a way to sync between you desktop and your “Cloud OS” using something they call eyesnc. It really is very slick and you should check it out for yourself.


The eyeOS team has recently implemented Cloud computing in a school of Catalonia (Spain). 600 students work everyday with a personal laptop connected to an eyeOS-server. 

Key points of the implementation are: 

– Laptops have a Light Operative System developed by eyeOS that opens a navigator and connects to the server

– Students and teachers access to office applications, files, educational resources, messaging, … using eyeOS. 

– All users can access to the School desktop from anywhere, outside their school. 

– Used by students from 3 to 17 years old. Every age has a customized desktop. Early ages only with icons. 

– Teachers have special administration applications for the class. For instance an “Exam mode”, that blocks some programs. 

– System administration and laptops OS maintenance tasks are done from the server. 

EyeOS is one of several cloud desktops that are available, such as, ODesktop


The normal cloud “concerns” remain, namely, security; availability, SLA’s etc. However with things like eyeOS being open source, the ability to download, install and use your own cloud OS will be appealing to many,

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