Amazon – what is coming soon, and what is not !

We had a meeting with Amazon in the UK recently and covered off some off the pressing issues that we wanted to speak about and also learnt some other of what Amazon have lined up.

First, what is not going to happen anytime soon:

– From what we heard Amazon are not going to resolve the issue of billing in local currency with locally issued invoices any time soon. See our prior post on this topic. We did learn however that large organisations can request an invoice.

– Right now if you want to use your own AMI image to sell on a SaaS basis using Amazon infrastructure you have to a US organisation. Again Amazon don’t seem to have plans to change this in the immediate timeframe so that leaves out any organisation outside of the US who want to sell their product offering as SaaS on Amazon’s web services infrastructure unless they integrate their own commerce infrastructure and not use DevPay. This can be both a blessing (charge margin on Amazon’s infrastructure pieces like AMQS) but also a curse (can leave you exposed as you will be month behind in billing your clients). Even though Amazon are entrenched right now as the Public Cloud infrastructure of choice, it wouldn’t be the first time we have seen 100 pound gorilla displaced from it’s prime market position. If I were Amazon, I’d fix this and soon. Microsoft and RackSpace are looking more attractive all the time.

– Amazon’s ingestion services again require you to be a US organisation with a US return address. Are you detecting a common theme here….

And what we can expect to see soon:

– VPC (Virtual private cloud) access is in private beta now. This is a mechanism for securely connecting public and private clouds within the EC2 infrastructure.

– High memory instances analogous to High CPU instances are in the pipeline

– Shared EBS is in the pipeline

– Functionality for Multiple users associated with a single account is in the pipeline and will provide simple privileges too. This has long been a bone of contention for organisations using AWS so will be welcomed.

– Amazon is planning to have lot more EC2 workshops through local partners.

Other things of note that we learnt where:

– We learned that large physical instances currently have their own dedicated blade / box.

– As AWS has grown, large number of machines are available and organizations can request hundreds of machines easily. Even extreme cases are catered for i.e. even requests for 50000 machines.

– As a matter of policy new functionally will be rolled out simultaneously in EU and US unless there is a good reason.

All in all some exciting stuff, and there was other things in the pipeline they could not share, but the public cloud market is starting to get more players and I think Amazon need to get some of their infrastructure pieces in place sooner rather than later.

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