A brief overview of the Windows Azure Cloud Platform


The Windows Azure cloud platform includes Windows Azure, a Web-based Microsoft SQL Azure, and connectivity /  interoperability services with .NET Services. As with other Cloud platforms, Azure is a consumption-based pricing model.  A summary of the pricing is below and more details can be found here:

– Compute @ $0.12 / hour
– Storage @ $0.15 / GB stored
– Storage Transactions @ $0.01 / 10K

SQL Azure:

– Web Edition – Up to 1GB relational database @ $9.99
– Business Edition – Up to 10GB relational database @ $99.99

.NET Services:

Messages @ $0.15/100K message operations, including Service Bus messages and Access Control tokens

Bandwidth across all three services will be charged at $0.10 in / $0.15 out / GB.

The Windows Azure blog details a service-level agreement that covers service uptime, connectivity, and data availability. The Azure SDK can be downloaded here.

It remains to be seen how Azure pans out but I am sure it will be a serious cloud player and it is nice to see a little pressure put on Amazon not only in terms of pricing but also for the intellectual ‘one-man upmanship’ this is sure to bring which can only be good for all companies working with cloud.

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