GigaSpaces release 7.1 of XAP Cloud enabled Middleware – certified for use on Cisco UCS

The upcoming release of GigaSpaces XAP includes the ‘Elastic Data Grid’, which enables deploying a full clustered application with a single API call. Users basically specify their business requirements and XAP automatically performs sizing, hardware provisioning, configuration and deployment. The aim of this is to  provide simplification resulting in reduced effort and cost savings for enterprise applications that require dynamic scalability.

Other features of the XAP 7.1 release include:

  • Certified for use with Cisco UCS, providing enhanced performance
  • Built-in multi-tenancy
  • Extended in-memory querying capabilities
  • Real-time distributed troubleshooting
  • Multi-core utilization

More detail can be found from the GigaSpaces website.

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