Abiquo ushers in the Virtualisation 2.0 era

Abiquo announced themselves on the world stage recently at the SysCon Cloud Computing expo in New York, which Abiquo completely dominated. Their impressive booth was packed with people the wholetime. If audience feedback and energy is anything to go by, it was clear that they gave by far the most compelling presentations, which was an interesting contrast to Oracle who just seemed to re-state old material, and Microsoft who just didn’t excite the audience at all.

The Abiquo vision of “Virtualization 2.0” was very well received, and they presented a clear path to resolve the shortcomings of Virtualization 1.0 and at the same time provided a practical route to a fully brokered marketplace, something that Pete Malcom, their CEO, termed the “Resource Cloud”.  Their demonstration in which they converted a virtual machine from VMware to Hyper-V literally had the audience both cheering and gasping simultaneously, and was one of those magic moments that you wait for at an event such as this.

Also it seems that the folks from VMWare, who were in the audience also took note, if this blog post is anything to go by. VMWare recently accidentally announced VMware’s private-cloud initative, known as “Project Redwood” when details of it were mistakingly placed on their website. The presentation detailed vCloud Service Director which purports to let Enterprises create internal clouds; help internal and external clouds interoperate, and enable developers to create new applications within a cloud framework.  Abiquo already does this today, and in an open way, supporting multiple virtualisation vendors. It seems VMWare are quickly trying to make up lost ground and get with the programme !

Although Abiquo seem to have come from nowhere they have been honing their product for the last few years and launched so spectacularly at the SysCon expo, with a product and vision that has resonated so well that they were recently named as one of the 15 Cloud Computing Companies to watch by Network World.

The keynote that was presented at the recent SysCon session in New York can be read below, and the Abiquo product can be downloaded for free from the Abiquo website which also has some great videos and whitepapers to get you up to speed on what can be achieved with their platform.


Abiquo abiCloud product offers vendor neutrality, workload management and resource management of physical servers, storage management and the ability to scale applications. abiCloud allows customers to provision virtual machines without having access the physical servers.  This multi-tenancy delegation capability is an enabler for companies to easily create and manage both public and private clouds.

Abiquo offers two editions of its product: The first is a free community edition which comes without support and the second is an enterprise edition with three levels of support. The product is open source and released under the LGPL.

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