Spying in the Cloud to enable better customer service

As the debate about social privacy settings in the cloud rages on one company is taking advantage of social networks lax privacy to monitor customer comments.

British Telecom has devised software to monitor social networks for negative comments to enable their customer service teams to instantly react and try to turn a negative experience into a positive one.

BT is using software developed in their labs called DebateScape. The software checks social sites to find negative comments from consumers and employs sophisticated algorithms to filter out other chatter.

As many social networks use the ‘opt out’ method of displaying comments made by users, they are often made public enabling DebateScape to trawl and find them.

In research published last year it is claimed that just one negative comment on the Internet can lose 30 customers for a company.

Personally I think it’s a great initiative and it’s great to see BT innovating in this way.

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