Is UK G-Cloud fit for purpose ? A UK service provider says ‘No’ !

UK G-CloudKate Craig-Wood founder and MD of Memset, a UK Service Provider who had an early involvement in UK G-Cloud, not only from a practical standpoint, but also in an advisory capacity, recently outed G-Cloud with regards to it still being a ‘who you know’ rather than ‘what you provide’ type of marketplace, the very thing it was supposed to move away from with regards its ability to provide a level playing ground for UK SME’s. Kate’s post goes onto layout Memset’s own experience with G-Cloud from a commercial viewpoint (or lack thereof).

In a counter post Nicky Stewart, commercial director at Skyscape Cloud Services, lays out a counter argument which in essence states that whereas “G-Cloud isn’t perfect, and never will be…  it would be a disservice to G-Cloud, its buyers and suppliers, to suggest that G-Cloud is a fundamentally broken model”. Stewart goes onto outline that Skyscape grew with G-Cloud and has created over 130 jobs to date.

G-Cloud sales are growing month on month, now exceeding £1bn, and the proof of success will be in achieving the government 33% SME spend target goal.