Amazon enables easy website hosting with S3 – competes with RackSpace

In a move that has put it into direct competition with competitors such as RackSpace. Amazon has announced that you can now host your website using an Amazon S3 Account. With these new features, Amazon S3 now provides a simple and inexpensive way to host your website in one place at a very cheap price.

To get started, open the Amazon S3 Management Console, and follow these steps:

1) Right-click on your Amazon S3 bucket and open the Properties pane

2) Configure your root and error documents in the Website tab

3) Click Save

Amazon provide more information on hosting a static website on Amazon S3 here.

This is part of a trend that Amazon obviously want to encourage. They recently started an add placement from JumpBox on their free Web Services developers page to offer one click WordPress deployments, amongst other JumpBox offerings.