Gawker news sites cloud security breach

If you did not notice the Gawker set of news sites recently has it’s online security compromised. You may not have heard of Gawker but you will probably know of the set of news sites they encompass which includes Gizmodo, Lifehacker, Kotaku, io9 or Jezebel. Over 1.3 million passwords where stolen and uploaded as a 500MB torrent file. Also posted where Gawker’s source code and internal employee conversations. The disclosure of this authentication information led to a viral effect with increased spam attacks, for example, on Twitter being attributed to the breach. Many users use the same web password everywhere so such a breach could leave them exposed on every site where they use the same username and password.

Apparently the passwords where encrypted in the torrent but as Gawker used an outdated encryption scheme they are relatively straightforward to crack. If you have ever registered on any of these sites then and tend to use the same username and password then you should change your username and password anywhere else you have used it on the web. Some sites are already pro-actively forcing you to do this. I receive an email from LinkedIN today that made me go through the lost password security mechanism to reset my account.

So what does this mean for Cloud ? Can one site damage the concept of storing and accessing information on the Cloud ? I think for sure, yes. It will make companies who were reticent about going to Cloud because of security concerns even more reticent, and such a breach has an effect on other sites, and I am sure we have not seen the full fallout of this yet. As for Gawker’s brand, well I think it is hugely damaging, although the web can be a fickle place, it remains to be seen how badly affected the Gawker brand will be. I can imagine potential advertisers do not want to be associated with it.

What can you do to protect yourself ? Well first, for sure change any username/password combos that are the same as the one you registered on this site, and in future consider having a separate username/password combination for each site you register. I create email addresses specifically for a registration for such sites on the web and I file them in KeepPass to be able to remember them. Ulitmately, remember, as a user don’t rely that such sites will protect your data, and as a vendor, revisit your security mechanisms to ensure the next Gawker is not you !